Infor Syteline/CSI Manufacturing ERP Case Study: Prince

Founded in 1941, Prince Manufacturing Corporation is a US-based industrial machinery and equipment manufacturer. Prince manufactures hydraulic components specializing in cylinders, mobile valves, gear pumps, and motors.

Based in the Midwest, Prince employs more than 300 employees across four manufacturing plants, a state-of-the-art R&D center, and warehouse facilities. In addition to a full range of stock products, Prince provides full configurability of equipment as well as engineered-to-order custom items.

“Infor SyteLine gives us the visibility into actual costs and production times to identify the profitability of each product line.” – Mark Mazour, ERP Manager, Prince Manufacturing Corporation

The Problems

  • Legacy IT systems failed to keep pace with the expansion of the company
  • Reliance on a single staffer to maintain the legacy ERP solution made resolving issues time-consuming and difficult
  • To meet the demands of its growth, Prince was forced to build and incorporate more than 50 custom programs and integrations

The Results

  • Implemented Infor SyteLine in less than one year
  • Reduced planning time by 50%
  • Eliminated 40+ custom programs and integrations

Antiquated IT Systems

As Prince grew over the past few years, its IT systems failed to keep pace. The company knew they needed to get on a more current ERP system version and also upgrade its add-on programs and integrations. However, the complexity involved with planning production operations across four sites and supporting growth of its customers, requiring custom and configured equipment, forced Prince’s move to a new ERP. The company’s stakeholders realized it was imperative for them to move to a more modern platform to empower business growth and to stay ahead of the competition.

Implementing a New Digital Platform

Prince chose to implement the latest digital manufacturing ERP solution, Infor SyteLine. The new solution included the last-mile capabilities and best business processes built in, to support Prince’s requirements as an industrial equipment provider. Prince deployed Infor SyteLine on-premises, using the system out of the box. The company replaced more than 40 of its previous custom programs and integrations with the new solution. Using the standard customer relationship management (CRM) module also allowed Prince to replace its previous best-of-breed CRM system. Its production planning time has been reduced 50% using the standard planning capabilities of this new digital platform.

Supporting Standard Integrations

In addition to the new ERP, Prince is managing its shop floor operations across all sites with more than 200 users of Infor Factory Track’s manufacturing execution system (MES) functionality. Utilizing standard capabilities of a leading ERP with Factory Track, Prince has the visibility across the organization to determine the profitability of each product line with actual costs and production times.

Prince has also improved its customer service. With more than 30% of orders as configured items, Prince is incorporating Infor CPQ (Configure Price Quote), connected to Infor SyteLine, to seamlessly meet the demands of its customers through online portals and ordering that integrates directly to the production operations.

“The Infor solutions ensure we stay in business—and that we don’t lose business.” – Mark Mazour, ERP Manager, Prince Manufacturing Corporation

The Standard for Digital Transformation

Integrated industry functionality and best practices have positioned Infor SyteLine as the digital platform of choice for Prince. Infor solutions provide Prince the flexibility to meet customer demand and grow its business.