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Infor SyteLine/CSI for Manufacturers

Manufacturers rely on SyteLine to navigate supply chain challenges, manage customer-owned inventory, and enable growth

Also known as CloudSuite Industrial (CSI), Infor SyteLine is ideal for manufacturers with high complexity, who need to meet ever-changing customer demands—especially if you have to manage customer-owned inventory—and want to maximize profit and growth.

What You Can Achieve with SyteLine

Create More Customer Value

  • Configuration, Pricing & Quoting (CPQ): streamline and reduce errors in complex quoting with a visual configuration that is seamlessly integrated with your manufacturing processes and extended into a customer facing portal
  • Manage the Full Customer Lifecycle: for engineer to order (ETO) and manufacturer to order (MTO) businesses from bidding and quoting through manufacturing, project management and installation
  • Manage a Profitable Service Business: have full control over warranty, depot repairs, mobile field service, rental, and billing with financial and project roll-ups; can include a connected and disconnected field-based mobile service application
  • Customer Portal
  • Embedded CRM


  • Timely, accurate quotes for custom orders
  • Increase order value
  • Automatically generate BOMs for ETO/CTO
  • Expand and enhance customer service, further augmented with AI/ML

Boost Productivity

  • Multi-Modal Manufacturing: SyteLine supports hybrid business models and different manufacturing types, including projects, assembly, repetitive, job shop, and process manufacturing
  • Integrated to Factory Track MES & Prophecy IOT: SyteLine delivers real-time monitoring and downtime tracking with reason codes, which improves overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)
  • Enterprise Quality Management: this functionality is embedded in SyteLine; the addition of document management and a manufacturing execution system (MES) ensures standardized processes to improve product quality, productivity and customer satisfaction
  • Plant Management & Maintenance: this functionality is embedded in SyteLine with production and scheduling tools that increase uptime and efficiency


  • Maximize OEE and reliability with manufacturing order management
  • Improve equipment uptime and optimal use of workforce with responsive resource allocation
  • Improve business productivity with data interchange and RPA
  • Make data-driven production decisions

Build Agile Supply Chains

  • Multi-Site Planning: optimizes materials and resource utilization across your supply network, offering flexibility in centralized and decentralized planning, as well as finite planning within a site
  • Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS): provides both available to promise (ATP) and capable to promise (CTP) planning
  • Customer, Reseller & Supplier portals: provide real-time exchanges of demand and supply orders with collaboration to improve visibility and responsiveness
  • Manage Sub-Contractor Operations: available through on-boarding, collaboration and material flow to improve visibility, control and reliability
  • Coordinate Master Data Management (MDM): with plant specific products, bills of material (BOMs) and costs provides better control over planning and costing


  • Reduced lost sales in after-market parts business
  • Reduce inventory holding
  • Reduce freight spend
  • Simplify transportation management
  • Supply chain collaboration and faster issue resolution

Accelerate Innovation

  • Technology Stack: includes Mongoose and Infor OS to deliver extensibility and personalization, robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), integration, and analytics
  • Control Engineering Change: manage BOMs “as designed”, “as built” and “as maintained” to synchronize changes with minimal waste along with the automation capabilities via a workflow tool
  • Process Mining & Cross-Application Workflow: improve process efficiency and automate non-value-added tasks
  • Project Management


  • Continuous evolution to support ongoing product and process improvements
  • De-risk sophisticated manufacturing with first-time launch confidence
  • Adopt new technologies to drive efficiencies

Control Costs & Increase Profitability

  • Gain Financial Visibility: view all operational elements of a multi-site, international business
  • Project Costing: includes cost pegging tracks, analyses and predicts costs for customer,
    product & project profitability
  • Fixed Assets & Depreciation: this capability is embedded in SyteLine
  • Remote Access: view role and domain-based, dashboards, key performance indicators (KPIs), and other metrics provide data-driven insights while working anywhere, anytime
  • Human Resource Management: manage personnel from onboarding to payroll and extend to an employee portal


  • Reduced invoice processing times, improving accounts payable (AP) productivity
  • Centrally managed documents making it simple to find and process invoices and orders
  • Improved customer and vendor relationship with fast access to all relevant information

How to Get Started

Contact us to explore whether SyteLine may be the right ERP system for you and whether a business process review is the right first step to a successful implementation of it.