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Infor SyteLine/CSI for High-Tech & Electronics Manufacturers

Manufacturers rely on SyteLine to navigate supply chain challenges, manage customer-owned inventory, and enable growth

High-tech and electronics manufacturers face greater component constraints as the demand for increasingly intelligent devices is on the rise. To address these constraints, more product extensions driven by software, and a volatile supply chain, your manufacturing operations need more flexibility in your operational processes. Additionally, the high degree of complex manufacturing with numerous contracted components requires powerful forecasting tools with the ability to build scenarios and the combination of planning with strong vendor management capabilities.

Infor SyteLine—also known as CloudSuite Industrial (CSI)—enables high-tech and electronics manufacturers to generate better flexibility and deeper insights by addressing these complex requirements with an integrated, highly standardized, and pre-configured set of pliable functionalities which can be deployed very quickly onsite or in the cloud.

Comprehensive Functionality

Learn how SyteLine helps you achieve competitive differentiation with the following:

Manage Customer-Owned Inventory

  • SyteLine advanced planning and scheduling (APS) can be customized to respect customer-owned inventory and allocate it only to that customer so you don’t need to have a unique part number for each customer’s part (especially when parts for multiple customers are the same)
  • You can reserve stock for specific products of the same customer
  • You can reserve any part in your inventory for a specific order until the order is released
  • Know when to re-order every part
  • Prevent having excess inventory or not enough for production
  • This feature is normally only available in tier one ERP systems like SAP, which typically require at least a million-dollar investment to start

Import Customer BOMs

  • Quickly import customer bills-of-material, especially for aerospace and defense customers
  • Reduce data entry and errors

CalcuQuote Integration

  • Instantly see which vendor has the parts you need in stock
  • Get real-time inventory updates
  • Helps you run as lean as possible

Agile Processes & Connectivity

  • Easily manage long lead time parts with SyteLine’s Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) functionality
  • Easier connectivity to production equipment and machinery to support Industry 4.0
  • Agile business processes through dynamic workflow and extensibility with no code/low code toolset allows rapid innovation at low cost

Simple Support & Capabilities

  • Preconfigured out-of-the-box localizations which support manufacturing operations today in over 100 countries
  • Build-to-order and configure to order capabilities without changing part numbers

Modern Efficiencies & Flexibility

  • Reduce downtime and increase overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) with integrated asset management
  • Flexible global supply chain management with dual sourcing taking history into account and acceptance of customer forecast

Reliable Compliance & Security

  • Strong compliance capabilities with approved supplier and parts management to avoid original equipment manufacturer (OEM) compliancy penalties
  • Best-in-class cybersecurity, scalability, and agility through integration with the AWS cloud

Increase Your Operational Flexibility

  • Flexible Contract Management: adjust vendor contracts on the fly during operations with pricing visibility and flexible options to meet your evolving needs
  • Flexible Inventory Management: gain full visibility for quick decisions in parts and inventory through alternate part numbering, serial number traceability, and drilling down into lot and sub-lot components
  • Flexible Innovation Upgrades: accelerate product development cycles with integrated product lifecycle management (PLM) and quick extensibility with the no-code/low-code toolset
  • Flexible Manufacturing: explore alternative planning capabilities and flexible solutions supporting printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing
  • Flexible Rapid Expansion: quickly set up new branches or divisions with out-of-the-box localizations that support manufacturing operations today in more than 100 countries

How to Get Started

Contact us to explore whether SyteLine may be the right ERP system for you and whether a business process review is the right first step to a successful implementation of it.