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Infor SyteLine/CSI for Service Companies

Create a world-class service organization by empowering your field technicians with data at their fingertips

Providing responsive service without sacrificing efficiency or creating unnecessary costs is key for industries that rely on highly technical components. Also known as CloudSuite Industrial (CSI), Infor SyteLine ERP delivers service-focused functionality and company-wide access to data that can transform field technicians into trusted advisors.

Key Capabilities

  • Monitor Scheduling & Dispatch: assign the right technician to the right job, based on location, skills, and available inventory
  • Oversee Rental Management: facilitate quick creation of rental agreements
  • Control Warranty & Claims Management: streamline the entire warranty and claims process
  • Manage Work Orders: access defined workflows and automatic escalations and alerts—ensuring that exceptions are handled quickly
  • Access a Contact Center: provide front-line agents with detailed, up-to-the-minute information
  • Easily Manage Service Contracts: manage multi-tier service contracts and extended warranties with ease
  • Eliminate Data Entry: enter your data once into one system so everyone works with the same real-time data

Service Functionality Built into Your ERP System

SyteLine offers service-focused functionality that eliminates the need to enter data multiple times into disparate systems. Working with common data means that everyone works from the same real-time data, which:

  • Empowers service technicians to complete more service orders
  • Enables employees to spend more time building relationships with customers
  • Gives managers the tools to analyze data and find strategic growth opportunities
Infor SyteLine ERP System for Rental Services
Infor SyteLine ERP System for Rental Services

Add-On Advanced Service & Rental Capabilities

Empower field technicians to become trusted advisors by integrating advanced service-focused functionality—such as scheduling and mobile accessibility—into SyteLine, which allows you to:

  • Expand revenue streams through equipment rental with advanced functionality to help manage rental equipment inventory, rental contract agreements, and support for various rental rates and billing frequency
  • Give your employees access to the same, reliable and current information
  • Enable distributors to prevent costly and dangerous gaps in communication, discrepancies, delays, and errors

Mobility Fuels Efficiency

Whether you choose to leverage the service-focused capabilities within your ERP system or advanced capabilities within SyteLine, your organization will benefit from the flexibility of mobile technology:

  • Give field technicians online and offline access to customer and equipment details
  • Empower service technicians throughout the quotation process with on-demand estimates and up-sell opportunities
  • Enable employees, contractors, franchisees, dealers, and customers to access online, remote self-service
Infor SyteLine ERP System for Rental Services

How to Get Started

Contact us to explore whether SyteLine may be the right ERP system for you and whether a business process review is the right first step to a successful implementation of it.