Infor SyteLine/CSI ERP Rental Company Case Study

When a small, privately-owned business that leases scaffolding to commercial contractors came under new management, a decision was made to trade its spreadsheet system of inventory tracking and contract management for enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.

That was the easy part. Finding an ERP that could be configured to the complex needs of a rental business was the bigger challenge.

Despite its small size, the scaffolding business had many of the complications that most rental businesses face: varying length of contracts, one-time surcharges, lien requirements, inventory tracking, and the need to streamline the process of pick-ups and deliveries.

Managing rental inventory by spreadsheet was creating expensive and time-consuming logistical gaps.

The company wanted a system that would enable drivers to enter equipment in or out of the system on site, in real time, with less time between contracts.

The Problems

  • Multi-term invoice cycles difficult to track by spreadsheet
  • No real-time system for tracking pick-ups or drop-offs / equipment sitting idle between leasing periods
  • No integrated system of invoicing for one-time surcharges
  • Need for tracking of re-rental equipment like generators and compressors

The Results

  • Custom invoicing to handle variable term contracts and surcharges
  • Drivers equipped with handheld devices for real-time tracking of deliveries and pick-ups
  • Ability to easily stop rent on items, enabling one trip pick-up and delivery to the next customer
  • Re-rental capability with automated return reminders

A Profitable Switch to Real-Time Tracking

The new management team knew that spreadsheets provided an unreliable framework for a rental business whose profitability depended on keeping its scaffolding in use and under contract.

Then they found Infor which enabled them to take advantage of mid-market pricing and flexible capabilities, while also reaping the benefit of customized software and implementation by the BBTS team.

A Customized Solution at the Right Price

SyteLine/CSI is an ideal fit for the rental industry when implemented by the BBTS team, which specializes in software customization and implementation built on a careful study of a company’s processes and needs.

No two companies are exactly alike, and rental companies have uniquely complicated business processes. While no ERP system can meet the needs of every company out of the box, SyteLine/CSI is designed for easy and effective customization.

The result was a simplified and profitable system of real-time inventory and a streamlined process for managing contract terms, invoicing and re-rental contracts.