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How Service Providers Can Use SyteLine ERP to Enable Growth


With a Successful Implementation Guaranteed

Are you outgrowing your current ERP or tired of relying on Excel spreadsheets to manage your business? Do you want your field technicians to spend less time traveling and more time serving customers? If so, SyteLine ERP could be a gamechanger for you.

When service and rental equipment providers want an ERP system that can enable their growth into a world-class service organization and empower field technicians with data at their fingertips, they rely upon Infor SyteLine, also known as CloudSuite Industrial (CSI).

For a trouble free SyteLine implementation—guaranteed—they rely upon BBTS.

An ERP Ideal for Service

Infor SyteLine is the primary ERP we support because it’s a perfect fit for service providers, especially those who rent equipment. We also guarantee the success of your Infor SyteLine implementation. So whether you’re commissioning an ERP system for the first time or replacing your current system, you don’t have to worry about the disruption of a failed implementation.

Among the biggest benefits of SyteLine for service providers is no longer having to enter data multiple times into disparate systems. Working with common data means that everyone works from the same real-time information, which:

  • Empowers your service technicians to complete more service orders
  • Enables your employees to spend more time building relationships with customers
  • Gives your managers the tools to analyze data and find strategic growth opportunities

SyteLine delivers the same type of functionality as SAP and Oracle for a fraction of the cost and none of the headaches associated with implementing a tier 1 ERP system.

A Proven Implementation Process

The BBTS team has implemented SyteLine successfully over 165 times since 2013 with a proven process that starts with identifying and implementing improvements to inventory control, planning and forecasting, financial close, and other business processes. SyteLine then standardizes these process best practices and ensures they are followed.

Our post-implementation services include SyteLine enhancements, upgrades, business process improvements, workflow optimization and ongoing support, to ensure you maximize your SyteLine investment.

Get Started Today

The best way to learn if SyteLine ERP is right for you is to speak with one of our implementation experts as part of a process review. We approach every implementation by first getting to understand your core business processes, then recreating and evolving them in SyteLine.

Together, we can identify the specific ways in which your operations will benefit from SyteLine, including the calculation of a target return on investment (ROI) to help justify the move. Contact us to take advantage of our process review offer or learn more about SyteLine and how we work to guarantee a successful ERP implementation.